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Lots/Land For sale in Rio Negro, Argentina

Manso River Coastal Property

Lots/Land For sale in Rio Negro, Argentina

Sale Price: EUR1,100,000.00 - EUR1,100,000.00  (Negotiable, Financing Available)
This 2,000 acre property is located at the end of the Manso River Valley, just before reaching the Chilean border, through which it flows to the Pacific Ocean. Distance from Bariloche: 99 km. The western side borders the international boundary with Chile, marked from the top of Capitán Mountain to the top of the Mirador Mountain. The northern and southern boundaries descend parallel from here to Seco stream, a stream located in the middle of the valley at the foot of both mountains. Dense vegetation of the Valdivian Jungle - the only cold jungle in the world - covers most of this property, which is crossed by countless creaks of different sizes, one of which has a depth of about 40 meters. Salmon fishing and both big game (wild boar) and small game (quail, hare, duck, etc.) hunting are typical activies in this area, in addition to rafting and horse back riding.

Property Details

Code: EC0000002738
Last Updated: 10/02/2008
Category: Lots/Land
Address: Rio Negro

Features - Amenities

  • Panoramic View
  • Manso River runs through the property



Contact - More Information

Contact Name: Alejandro Milhas
E-mail: alemilhas@infovia.com.ar

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